MSU Surplus Store and Recycling Center


The Michigan State University Surplus Store and Recycling Center fulfills the University’s commitment to “the five Rs” – reduce, reuse/recycle, research/re-educate, redesign and rethink. The Center features a drop-off center that is open 24/7 to the campus and off-campus MSU community. MSU faculty, staff, on- and off-campus students, and the surrounding community may drop off materials from home or work that can be recycled.

Irish Construction Company hired DC Engineering for construction layout services of the Michigan State University (MSU) Surplus Store and Recycling Center. The new 72,000 square-foot facility is located east of the physical plant storage buildings and south of Auxiliary Road within the MSU campus.

Construction layout services included soil erosion controls, clearing, fencing, underground utilities, building layout, concrete flat work, and site grading. The building is supported by 379 augured gravel piles. Survey crew located centerline of all 379 piles.

Construction was completed in the spring of 2009.