Miller & Foster Drain


Repairs to reduce flooding on the Miller & Foster Drain


Michigan’s County Drain Commissioners construct and maintain systems that convey and/or retain storm water. These engineered systems reduce flooding, protecting people and property from dangerous storm water flows.

In 2014, a landowner reported flooding problems to Clinton County Drain Commissioner (CCDC) Phil Hanses. Inspection of his property in the Miller & Foster Drain Drainage District revealed a privately-owned drainage tile in poor condition was causing water to pond. A petition to extend the drain to include the private tile was approved in February 2015.

Project Scope

CCDC Hanses engaged DC Engineering (DCE) to conduct field survey, prepare design plans and provide construction staking. CCDC Hanses asked DCE to assist in the process to incorporate part of the private 12” tile drain into the Miller & Foster Drain Drainage District.

DCE’s Curt Merrow, P.S. noted damage while surveying the drain route right-of-way. The team reviewed inspection reports to pin-point blowout areas in the 12” tile.

DCE Vice President Kurt Krahulik, P.E. created construction plans that showed limits for tree and brush removal, along with areas needing repairs. Krahulik worked with the Drain office to select the appropriate size for the new drain tile. DCE provided plan-over-profile construction drawings showing route and course, along with elevations for the repaired tile and outlet to the Miller & Foster Drain.

The DCE team prepared easement documents for the CCDC’s records, using the County’s topographic mapping and field surveys to confirm legal descriptions for parcels in the proposed extension.

CCDC Hanses commented on the partnership between his office and DCE. “DC Engineering is a great firm to work with. David Christian and Kurt Krahulik keep projects on pace with excellent communication practices, following up meeting minutes with action. Kurt helped us work around complexities like mature trees and swimming pools. DCE is cost-efficient, they stay within budget and help us keep costs down for taxpayers.”