McGuineas Drain Rehablitation

DC Engineering designed and supervised a rehabilitation project on the McGuineas County Drain in Manistee Township, for Manistee County Drain Commissioner Thom Smith.

DC Engineering was hired to solve three major problems on the McGuineas Drain System:

-The downstream section of the drain was badly eroded and contributing sediment to a nearby wetland.

– A section of the 30″ storm drain had failed completely. The bottom had crumbled away and pipe walls were on the verge of collapse.

– The trash rack installed at the drain inlet did not allow normal leaves and woody debris to pass, causing flooding in the drain and over the nearby road.

DC Engineering provided survey, design engineering, and construction engineering.

Services performed by our survey team:

  • Topographic and boundary survey,
  • Drainage district delineation,
  • Property boundary, and
  • Review of existing easements and preparation of new easements
Debris rack installation

Debris rack installation

Engineering services included:

  • Design of a storm pipe to fix the washed out channel section
  • Design of a cured in place pipe liner,
  • Construction plans
  • A new debris rack design for the pipe inlet, and
  • As-built plans

Construction administration and permit preparation were also provided to ensure the project design was properly installed.

The completed project will reduce the number and severity of flooding incidents, alleviate the pressure on residential septic systems and drinking water wells, and stop sinkholes from forming.

The repair of the washed out section of drain stopped the erosion of soil that was being deposited in the wetland that buffer the Manistee River. We estimate that nominally 2000 cubic yards of soil had washed out prior to the repair being implemented. The repair of the bottomless storm pipe protects people from a catastrophic failure. Selection of the pipe liner benefited the residents by reducing the construction duration and neighborhood disturbance. The new trash rack prevent surcharging of the ditch due to leaf debris.

Overall, residents will enjoy improved environment and public safety as a result of the drain rehabilitation.

The project was completed in October 2016. Our thanks to Manistee County Drain Commissioner Thom Smith and the great team we worked with on this important project.