Elieff Brothers Headquarters

Elieff Brothers provide great service for re-roofing and new construction work. When the firm added windows and siding to their service offerings, they needed an office with an attached warehouse to run their growing business efficiently.

The site chosen for Elieff’s expanded facility is located near Old Lansing Road on a shared private driveway. The lot frontage is an open drain under the jurisdiction of the Eaton County Drain Commissioner.

Site plans provided for 720 square feet of office space and a 4,000 square feet warehouse. Site improvements include new bituminous parking lot, utility services, and a storm water basin that receives flow from the roof drains. The parking lot stormwater runoff is directed to the basin, saving the owner the cost of traditional storm drains and catch basins. The stormwater basin was seeded with native plants and is fitted with a discharge pipe to the adjacent ditch.

Reviewing agencies included Delhi Township and the Eaton County Drain Commissioner’s office.

DC Engineering performed a topographic survey and provided conceptual layout, site plan development, site plan review & permitting assistance, and construction layout. The client was able to move in to their new building in January 2016.